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How To Use Your
Pumpkins After

Halloween. It's basically awards season for pumpkins. But what happens to these gorgeous gourds once we've carved them up? Don't chuck anything away just yet – here's what to do with your pumpkins after Halloween.

Composting pumpkins
This is a simple project that lets you get started with those leftovers straight away. The fleshy innards will rot down in a compost bin pretty quickly but the rind will take a bit longer – it's best to cut it up into little chunks to help it blend in with the rest. Composted pumpkins make a great natural fertiliser for next year’s garden.

Saving seeds for next year
The best time to plant pumpkins is April or May. As you carve your pumpkin, scoop them out and set to one side. Wash and dry the seeds, stick them in an envelope, store in a dry cool spot, and pop a reminder in your calendar now for when they're good to go.

pumpkin carving@vsco.co

Roasting pumpkin seeds
Quick and delicious, simply roast up the seeds with olive oil, paprika and salt and sprinkle them over your salads for a bit of extra crunch.