Say hello to the heartthrobs of spring. What type of tulip will tickle your fancy? Ruffled? Monotone? Romantic? Striped? Whatever you’re after, there’s a satiny-petalled flower for you. Plant tulip bulbs in autumn to liven up pot gardens and add impact to terraces, patios and borders. Combine them in a bulb lasagne with muscari, hyacinths and daffodils or let them stand out on their own. They’re low maintenance, cheap and - when you’ve forgotten you planted them - a welcome surprise in spring, adding splashes of spirit-raising colour as the season unfurls. Grow tulip bulbs for the butterflies and bees and treat yourself to a few cut flowers, to bring their loveliness indoors.

    1. Tulip 'Pretty Princess'

      Tulip 'Pretty Princess'


    2. Tulip 'Mary Ann'

      Tulip 'Mary Ann'


    3. Tulip 'Greenstar'

      Tulip 'Greenstar'


    4. Tulip 'Pink Sound'

      Tulip 'Pink Sound'


    5. Tulip 'Rembrandt Fusion'

      Tulip 'Rembrandt Fusion'


    6. How To

      When to plant tulip bulbs

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    7. Tulip Flaming Spring Green Bulbs

      Tulip Flaming Spring Green Bulbs

      From £5.00

    8. Tulip 'Foxtrot'

      Tulip 'Foxtrot'


    9. Tulip 'Queen Of Night'

      Tulip 'Queen Of Night'

      From £5.00

    10. Tulip 'Super Parrot'

      Tulip 'Super Parrot'


    11. Tulip 'Cheers'

      Tulip 'Cheers'


    12. Tulip 'Blushing Lady'

      Tulip 'Blushing Lady'


    13. Tulip 'Amazing Parrot'

      Tulip 'Amazing Parrot'


    14. Tulip 'Angelique'

      Tulip 'Angelique'


    15. Tulip 'Cape Cod'

      Tulip 'Cape Cod'


    16. Tulip 'Negrita Double'

      Tulip 'Negrita Double'


    17. Tulip 'Infiniti'

      Tulip 'Infiniti'


    18. Tulip 'World Expression'

      Tulip 'World Expression'


    19. Tulip 'Doll'S Minuet'

      Tulip 'Doll'S Minuet'


    20. Tulip 'Fantasy Lady'

      Tulip 'Fantasy Lady'


    21. Tulip 'Shogun'

      Tulip 'Shogun'


    22. How To

      How to make a bulb lasagne

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    23. Tulip 'Antarctica'

      Tulip 'Antarctica'


    24. Tulip Red Impression Bulbs

      Tulip Red Impression Bulbs

      From £3.99

    25. Tulip Marquise De La Coquette Bulbs

      Tulip Marquise De La Coquette Bulbs


    26. Tulip 'Dream Touch'

      Tulip 'Dream Touch'


    27. Tulip 'White Emperor'

      Tulip 'White Emperor'


    28. Tulip 'Bleu Aimable'

      Tulip 'Bleu Aimable'


    29. Tulip 'Shirley Double'

      Tulip 'Shirley Double'


    30. Tulip 'Copper Image'

      Tulip 'Copper Image'


    31. Tulip 'Labrador'

      Tulip 'Labrador'


    32. Tulip 'Ballerina'

      Tulip 'Ballerina'

      From £5.00

    33. Tulip 'Outbreak'

      Tulip 'Outbreak'


    34. Tulip 'Orange Brilliant'

      Tulip 'Orange Brilliant'


    35. Tulip 'National Velvet'

      Tulip 'National Velvet'


    36. Tulip 'Showcase'

      Tulip 'Showcase'


    37. Tulip 'Black Parrot'

      Tulip 'Black Parrot'


    38. Tulip 'Honeymoon'

      Tulip 'Honeymoon'


    39. Tulip 'Green Mile'

      Tulip 'Green Mile'


    40. Tulip 'Shining Parrot'

      Tulip 'Shining Parrot'


    41. Tulip 'Helmar'

      Tulip 'Helmar'


    42. How To

      When to plant bulbs for spring

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    43. Tulip 'Paul Scherer'

      Tulip 'Paul Scherer'


    44. Tulip 'Blue Diamond'

      Tulip 'Blue Diamond'


    45. Tulip 'Apricona'

      Tulip 'Apricona'


    46. Tulip 'Claudia'

      Tulip 'Claudia'


    47. Tulip 'Johann Strauss'

      Tulip 'Johann Strauss'


    48. Tulip 'White Triumphator'

      Tulip 'White Triumphator'


    49. Tulip Fun Colours Bulb Mix

      Tulip Fun Colours Bulb Mix


    50. Tulip praestans Dwarf Bulbs

      Tulip praestans Dwarf Bulbs


    51. Tulip 'Fire Wings'

      Tulip 'Fire Wings'


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