A snowdrop pushing through the soil (or snow) is one of the first signs of spring. And what a sight. Their dainty, dancing heads grow in drifts, turning the ground white and filling our little winter-worn hearts with hope, often as early as January or February. These little troopers have delicate bell-shaped blooms with distinctive green splodges on their petals. Plant them in a partly shady spot as bulbs in October and November or ‘in the green’ (just after flowering, before the leaves turn yellow) in spring to help them spread and naturalise in your garden.

    1. Galanthus nivalis (Field Grown Single)

      Galanthus nivalis (Field Grown Single)

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    2. Greater Snowdrop

      Greater Snowdrop


    3. Galanthus 'Mount Everest'

      Galanthus 'Mount Everest'


    4. Giant Snowdrops

      Giant Snowdrops

      From £6.00

    5. Galanthus nivalis 'Flore Pleno'

      Galanthus nivalis 'Flore Pleno'


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      How to make a bulb lasagne

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    7. Galanthus plicatus

      Galanthus plicatus


    8. How To

      How to plant flowering bulbs

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    9. How To

      When to plant bulbs for spring

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