Sound the trumpets. Lilies are notorious for their giant, flared flowers and intoxicating fragrance. Plant your bulbs in a container or a garden border in autumn, so they’ll flourish and add drama come the summer. There are two main types: Oriental lilies have very large, pink flowers, a super strong perfume and go nuts for acidic soil. Asiatic lilies have smaller unscented blooms, but they come in a wider variety of colours and are generally a tad easier to grow. Plant these bee-friendly bulbs on your balcony, by your front door, in patio pots or in beds to add a touch of theatricality to your outdoor space.

    1. Lily 'Nightrider'

      Lily 'Nightrider'


    2. Lily 'Claude Shride'

      Lily 'Claude Shride'


    3. Lily 'Regale'

      Lily 'Regale'


    4. Lily 'Orange Marmalade'

      Lily 'Orange Marmalade'


    5. Lily 'Stargazer'

      Lily 'Stargazer'


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      How to make a bulb lasagne

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    7. Lily 'Peppard Gold'

      Lily 'Peppard Gold'


    8. Lily 'Pink Giant'

      Lily 'Pink Giant'


    9. Lily 'Fairy Morning'

      Lily 'Fairy Morning'


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      How to plant flowering bulbs

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      When to plant bulbs for spring

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