There’s something otherworldly about irises. With their sumptuous, velvety petals and moreish scent, they’re exquisitely beautiful in their own special way. Available in countless hues, their petals often have graceful, vein-like patterns and artistic splashes of contrasting colour. Different varieties flower throughout the year, in winter, spring and summer, so with forward-planning you can enjoy irises from February to April. Miniature iris bulbs are ideal for pots, rockeries, alpine troughs and the front of borders. Bearded irises have adorable tufts on their lower petals and bold, vivacious flowers on tall stems. These pollinator-friendly perennials come back every year, making iris bulbs a good investment, as they won’t need replacing as often as some other varieties.

    1. Iris reticulata 'Harmony'

      Iris reticulata 'Harmony'


    2. Iris 'Painted Lady'

      Iris 'Painted Lady'


    3. Iris reticulata 'Alida'

      Iris reticulata 'Alida'


    4. Iris danfordiae

      Iris danfordiae


    5. Iris 'Harmony' Dwarf

      Iris 'Harmony' Dwarf


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    7. Iris 'Carmen'

      Iris 'Carmen'


    8. Iris reticulata 'Frozen Planet'

      Iris reticulata 'Frozen Planet'


    9. Iris reticulata

      Iris reticulata


    10. Iris reticulata' Blue Note'

      Iris reticulata' Blue Note'


    11. Iris 'Katharines Gold'

      Iris 'Katharines Gold'


    12. Iris 'Red Ember'

      Iris 'Red Ember'


    13. Iris reticulata 'Fabiola'

      Iris reticulata 'Fabiola'


    14. Iris 'Clairette'

      Iris 'Clairette'


    15. Iris 'Lion King'

      Iris 'Lion King'


    16. Iris 'J S Dijt'

      Iris 'J S Dijt'


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