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Bulbs for Pollinators

Treat the bees to a feast by planting a banquet of bulbs. Early spring-flowering bulbs like crocus, muscari, winter aconites and snowdrops will give pollinators a necessary boost of nectar after a long winter. Later in the season, iris, fritillaries and generous, multi-bloomed allium heads will have bees and butterflies buzzing merrily. Get these pollinator-friendly plants in the ground (or in pots) in autumn for a spring smorgasbord that’s right up our winged friends’ street.

Saves the Bees Kit

Customise your kit

Plant these bee-loving bulbs all at the same time, in a bed, border or pot, and watch them pop out over Spring.

    1. Hyacinth 'Ocean Breeze Fusion'

      Hyacinth 'Ocean Breeze Fusion'


    2. Crocus Large Flowering Mix

      Crocus Large Flowering Mix


    3. Hyacinth 'Rembrandt'

      Hyacinth 'Rembrandt'


    4. Tulip 'Pretty Princess'

      Tulip 'Pretty Princess'


    5. English Bluebells

      English Bluebells

      From £6.00

    6. Tulip 'Mary Ann'

      Tulip 'Mary Ann'


    7. Crocus Purple

      Crocus Purple


    8. Garden Hyacinth Mixed

      Garden Hyacinth Mixed

      From £5.00

    9. Crocus Mixed

      Crocus Mixed


    10. Crocus 'Orange Monarch'

      Crocus 'Orange Monarch'


    11. Garden Hyacinth 'Jan Bos'

      Garden Hyacinth 'Jan Bos'


    12. Tulip 'Infiniti'

      Tulip 'Infiniti'


    13. Crocus 'Miss'

      Crocus 'Miss'


    14. Iris reticulata 'Harmony'

      Iris reticulata 'Harmony'


    15. Hyacinth 'City Of Haarlem'

      Hyacinth 'City Of Haarlem'


    16. Tulip 'Greenstar'

      Tulip 'Greenstar'


    17. Hyacinth 'Delft Blue'

      Hyacinth 'Delft Blue'


    18. Crocus 'Conqueror'

      Crocus 'Conqueror'


    19. Crocus 'Prins Claus'

      Crocus 'Prins Claus'


    20. Tulip 'Pink Sound'

      Tulip 'Pink Sound'


    21. Tulip 'Blushing Lady'

      Tulip 'Blushing Lady'


    22. Tulip 'Rembrandt Fusion'

      Tulip 'Rembrandt Fusion'


    23. Tulip 'Angelique'

      Tulip 'Angelique'


    24. Tulip 'Queen Of Night'

      Tulip 'Queen Of Night'

      From £5.00

    25. Crocus Blue

      Crocus Blue


    26. Hyacinth 'Pink Elephant'

      Hyacinth 'Pink Elephant'


    27. Tulip 'Foxtrot'

      Tulip 'Foxtrot'


    28. Tulip Flaming Spring Green Bulbs

      Tulip Flaming Spring Green Bulbs

      From £5.00

    29. Crocus 'Cream Beauty'

      Crocus 'Cream Beauty'


    30. Tulip 'Negrita Double'

      Tulip 'Negrita Double'


    31. Tulip 'Cape Cod'

      Tulip 'Cape Cod'


    32. Muscari 'Night Eyes'

      Muscari 'Night Eyes'


    33. Crocus 'Gipsy'

      Crocus 'Gipsy'


    34. Tulip 'Cheers'

      Tulip 'Cheers'


    35. Hyacinth 'Fondant'

      Hyacinth 'Fondant'


    36. Tulip 'Amazing Parrot'

      Tulip 'Amazing Parrot'


    37. Crocus 'Tricolor'

      Crocus 'Tricolor'


    38. Crocus White

      Crocus White


    39. Tulip 'Little Beauty'

      Tulip 'Little Beauty'


    40. Iris 'Harmony' Dwarf

      Iris 'Harmony' Dwarf


    41. Hyacinth 'Woodstock'

      Hyacinth 'Woodstock'


    42. Tulip 'Doll'S Minuet'

      Tulip 'Doll'S Minuet'


    43. Muscari 'Siberian Tiger'

      Muscari 'Siberian Tiger'


    44. Muscari latifolium Bulbs

      Muscari latifolium Bulbs


    45. Crocus Striped

      Crocus Striped


    46. Muscari Mixed Bulbs

      Muscari Mixed Bulbs


    47. Tulip 'Fantasy Lady'

      Tulip 'Fantasy Lady'


    48. Tulip 'Helmar'

      Tulip 'Helmar'


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