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Creating a climate positive Planet with Earthly

Serving our Communities by looking after our planet is one of our core values at Sproutl. This is why we decided to work with Earthly to fight against climate change.

Earthly is a global movement that promotes proven, science-backed natural solutions to help businesses balance carbon impact and go beyond to become Climate Positive.

Almost everything we do at home and work consumes energy and produces carbon emissions. Activities such as travel, heating buildings, and even storing data generates significant carbon emissions.

These emissions are trapped in our atmosphere and cause global warming, which causes climate change.

Carbon offsetting is a way of mitigating our emissions by funding an equivalent carbon removal or prevention elsewhere.

Climate positive means that activity goes beyond achieving net-zero carbon emissions to create an environmental benefit by removing or preventing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

In 2021, Sproutl joined Earthly mission to try and create a climate-positive planet, working through them and the Eden Forestation Project to support mangrove planting projects in Madagascar.

Earlier this year, Sproutl was certified as a Climate Positive Business.

Person holding red seeds over bags of soil
Person holding red seeds over bags of soil

'As part of our collaboration with Earthly, we have planted 7,000 trees, 157.07 tonnes of carbon has been removed, and 213,787sq/m area supported.'


Sustainability at Sproutl

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