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Our Mission: to demystify gardening and make it accessible to all

Hello, we’re Sproutl!  We believe in gardening made easy.  The best plants and products, sitting alongside advice, inspiration, easy-to-shop edits, and high profile limited edition collections. Bringing plants and products seamlessly from phone to door, in a fun and accessible way.

It’s gardening for a new generation.

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Woman outside carrying green vegetables
Woman outside carrying green vegetables

About Us

We’re a diverse, passionate, hardworking, fun and humble team of 25+ people.

We’re committed to achieving great success together, celebrating our individualism and challenging each other to go further.  We leave our ego at the door, bring our curious minds to work and trust each other to get stuff done.

No two days are the same as we work to help the nation #PlantSomething.

People at Sproutl

Some of our team members describe what it’s like working at Sproutl



Working at Sproutl is incredibly varied! Everyone leans in where there's work to be done and a problem to be solved - it's an environment of fast-paced change, and that can be challenging sometimes, but the reward is that you become adaptable and your rate of intellectual growth is really unparalleled.

“Incredibly varied”



Super fun, we're always working on new things to improve the customer experience. We're all moving in the same direction and everyone is happy to help. We're not scared of change which is helping us grow as a company.

“Not scared of change”


Business Development & Supply

It’s very rewarding - seeing the improvements we have made from the start to where we are now, especially our partners and how impressed they are with the progress we have made to their business. It’s fast paced, challenging and you finish the day having made a positive impact.

“You have a positive impact”


Creative Production

Everyone is collaborative.  Your contribution will have an impact and it's thrilling to be part of something that's new where you need to think of a way to do something that hasn't been done before.

“Everyone is collaborative”

Other Testimonials

Opportunities to Learn

Amazing team behind a great innovative business.

A true start-up, fast-paced, diverse, open and honest.

A great place to work!

Intelligent People

The team at Sproutl is amazing, everyone brings their A game every day and it really shows.

We’re all able to trust each other to deliver great work and help each other out when needed.

The people at Sproutl come from really diverse backgrounds and bring some great cross-pollination of ideas to the table.

But more than that, everyone’s always willing to take 5 minutes to brainstorm with you about how to tackle complicated problems, and even though everyone is incredibly smart and capable, no one makes you feel small - all ideas are appreciated and built upon.

Supportive Management

The management team at Sproutl are really willing to give you a lot of responsibility and agency in determining a path towards our collective end goal.

They’re always asking questions and willing to be vulnerable when they don’t know something, which means that the wider team is also oriented towards honesty and growth.

There’s something really special here!

Focus on Employee Wellbeing

Sproutl is the first place I’ve worked at where there’s a genuine focus on taking holidays, avoiding burn-out and helping the team have downtime away from work.

This really shows in the way we work as a team.

Modern reception area for office with hanging house plants
Modern reception area for office with hanging house plants

The Perks

We're starting small. As we grow, we'll be adding to our perks.

London Co-working Space
We are based at Uncommon, London Bridge, where you can enjoy group social events from free breakfasts, afternoon teas and drinks throughout the month, plus access to yoga and other fitness classes.

Flexible Working
We know that the typical office environment does not work for everyone.  Being at home, in your garden, a field, a garden centre.  Wherever you like working, works for us.

Generous Holidays
Enjoy 33 days’ holiday (including a day off for your birthday).  Bank holidays can be taken any time during the year.

The Important Stuff
You will have access to our pension scheme, eyecare vouchers, childcare platform Bubble, and a laptop choice to suit your needs.


We'd love to hear from you. Take a look at our current vacancies and get in touch.
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Sproutl Values

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