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Blue globe thistle with pink cosmos flower

Hello, we’re Sproutl, and we believe in
growing for all. Who cares if you’ve
never picked up a trowel before?
This is gardening made easy.
To us, a garden can be as small
as a windowsill, or a tiny rented patio.
Swathes of sweet peas, towering bamboo,
a veg patch to make Michelin chefs swoon.
These are not the preserve
of the professionals.
In fact, they can be yours with a swipe.

You’ve found us right at the beginning.
We’re starting small,
making sure that everything works
perfectly, but keep an eye out
in the coming months,
we have some extremely exciting things
on the horizon.

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Three peach dahlias
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Hedging and bamboo and a white garden chair
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Collage of hydrangeea rose and cornflower